Adventure: Routine Maintenance

I’m never going to run a marathon. I’m never going to do an Ironman. I’m never doing to do an ultra-marathon. I’m never going to ride my bike from Alaska to Patagonia. (Although I’ve thought about it.) I’m never going … Read More

Yoga: Changing up the Routine

Change is good. I’ve been doing the same yoga routine for six years. The exact same one. This surprises many people but if you are a yogi you will understand. The physical routine is simply a catalyst for the mental … Read More

Yoga: Embrace the Routine

These are in no particular order except for the first item on the list. Amy Yoga Guitar Blurb Spanish Read Write Blog Books Ride/Hike/Fish/Climb/Camp/Explore Watch/Listen My day in a nutshell. This is EVERY day. These are the things I attempt … Read More