Read: Nemesis, One Man and the Battle for Rio

In 1987, when I was eighteen years old, I stepped off a Merchant Marine ship into the overwhelmingly visceral streets of Rio de Janeiro. For a kid from rural America, the scene was like the cocaine flame in my bloodstream. … Read More

Read: The World is my Home

I didn’t know much about this book when I cracked that front cover. Yes, I knew Michener was an author but had read little and knew even less about the man behind the words. This book was like a gut … Read More

Read: Travels

My first Crichton book but I picked a good starting point. Enjoyed this book and believe the postscript alone is worth picking up the book. I read the postscript twice and found myself laughing out loud at the last sentence … Read More

Read: American Dirt

I’m really glad this book is getting the play it is getting. The book and the author deserve it because the book is well written and spins a tale of violence and desperation laced with moments of love and kindness … Read More

Read: Of Human Bondage

W. Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite authors and The Razor’s Edge is one of my top ten books of all time. In fact, I have friends who randomly send me text messages asking “What would Larry do?” which … Read More

Read: Daily Rituals

I loved this book. Fascinating vignettes into the lives and habits of a wide range of artists, scientists, poets, philosophers, sculptors, filmmakers, playwrights, choreographers, writers, composers, and painters. If you are looking for photographers, well, keep looking. This should speak … Read More

Read: The Adventurer’s Son

You know how this is going to end before it begins. Not good. A son went missing in the wilds of Costa Rica. But there’s more. A long family lineage of adventure, ecology, biology, travel, and knowledge. The author Roman … Read More

Read: Wild Tales

Being a rock star, cool. Being a photographer, cool. Combine them both and what’s not to like? Combine them both and get one Graham Nash. Wild Tales, by musician/artist Graham Nash, is in some ways precisely what would expect from … Read More

Read: The Hotel at Place Vendôme

Paris is one of my favorite cities. For Blurb alone, I’ve traveled to the city nine times. Go back to my years of photographic travel and you have to add in another six or eight trips. Yet I don’t claim … Read More

Read: News of the World

You can read this book in about three hours, but please don’t. When you read this book please take your time. Get a map and spend some time researching this region. Now, for me, this book was like a stake … Read More

Read: Desert Solitaire

I know. Another reread. I found this copy in a small, community library. You know, those tiny mailbox looking things found in the most unlikely of places? Yep, one of those. Inside was a note, written in fine, black ink. … Read More

Read: Wonder Boys

Yes, I finally read it. One of my all-time favorite movies is now locked in my literary head. I don’t need to sell anyone on this book. Not if you have seen the movie. The book, in places, rides herd … Read More

Read: Maps and Legends

I took a flyer on this book. Picked it up for one reason, the author’s name. After having just finished “Wonder Boys,” I figured why not? Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon is a book of story stories about reading and … Read More

Read: Nemesis

A timely read to say the least. Newark. 1944. Polio outbreak. And the impending fear and uncertainty that accompanies something the experts know little to nothing about, namely how polio spreads. Philip Roth has won everything. Pulitzer, National Medal of … Read More

Read: The Last Great Road Bum

Man, I really enjoyed this one and even had a little “crossover” moment toward the end when I realized one of the people being discussed is someone I know. Get this. Author Hector Tobar is in El Salvador and finds … Read More

Read: Reread Barrage

Okay, I did a book slam here over the past few days. Just get it done. I love to reread good books. Each time is a lesson in nuance and missed opportunity. Not to mention it reminds me of where … Read More

Read: White Tears

This book took a turn. A real turn. Loved the beginning and when the turn came, about midway, I didn’t quite see it coming. Music. Obsession. Collection. Greed. All wound into one well written, tightly wrapped package. “White Tears,” by … Read More

Read: The Peregrine

This book is considered a classic in nature writing. Classic. I need to thank Alex for dropping this on my door. Much appreciated. And seeing as I now have a bird fetish the book had even more resonance. Two days … Read More