Read: World Without Mind

I know, I know, “World Without Mind,” kinda being played out in real-time here in the United States. Probably no need to write a book about it, but thankfully Franklin Foer took the time to do so. I love reading … Read More

Read: Team Human

Just know going into a Rushkoff book you are going to need a lot of paper for the subsequent note-taking you will find yourself driven to do. “Team Human,” was the right book at the right time, at least for … Read More

Read: Life Undercover

When I was in high school, a friend of my father’s tried to recruit me into the FBI. He was a former agent, also named Dan, and said “You are perfect for this.” For some reason, my pitch back to … Read More

Read: Killing Commendatore

Sometimes we are caught off guard, even when we think we might know someone or something. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from author Haruki Murakami but none of these prior books really prepared me for Killing Commendatore. This book starts … Read More

Read: Deep South

Paul Theroux is famous. He has literally fame. And he writes his ass off. you might know The Mosquito Coast, or Dark Star Safari or The Great Railway Bazaar. There are many, many more. Deep South should be added to … Read More

Read: My Salinger Year

Loved this book. Truly. Buy the paper version. Such a fun read. Funny and depicts an industry I find endlessly fascinating. Literary publishing. And in this case, an “agency” steeped in traditions that have NOT faded. No computers, no email, … Read More

Read: Gold Fever

Turns out, there is gold in them hills, probably a lot of it. The hard part? Well, like all kinds of luck, finding it tends to be a real bear. I loved this book which was a good blend of … Read More

Read: The Nature Fix

This is a wonderful book. Yes, preaching to the choir in my case, but I consider that one of the most fortunate aspects of my entire life. I had a father who knew what untouched wilderness was all about and … Read More

Read: The People in the Trees

Fiction. Ahhhh, fiction. Hello, my old friend. Fiction is so relaxing. Just looking for a good story, and I found one. Hanya Yanagihara’s “The People in the Trees,” is an odd story but one that runs parallel to many of … Read More

Create: Books I Love, Episode 001

I thought I needed to undertake even MORE filmmaking adventures. My wife and I have a serious photobook collection and I thought it would be useful to share some of these beauties and also share why I think they are … Read More

Read: Into The Land of Bones

Want to know a really easy way to get your ass kicked? Invade Afghanistan. Yep, guaranteed ass whipping. The British tried it, twice. The Soviets. Same for us. But it wasn’t just modern folk who tried to tame Bactria. This … Read More

Read: The Next Species

I checked out this book BEFORE the world began to fully experience a global pandemic, but I could not have chosen a more fitting book. “The Next Species,” by Michael Tennesen is a wonderful book about history, Earth, humans, our … Read More

Read: Top Ten Reads

I’m talking all-time you crazy people. All-time. Top ten. These are the books I reread on a yearly basis. Most of them anyway. Some are behemoths, the literary equivalent of the tar pit. Some of these might be on your … Read More

Read: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Intimacy. Observation. If I had to sum it up, there it is. This book has often been compared to the classics of nature writing, and I can see those connections clearly, but this book is one enormous lesson that we … Read More

Read: The Dinosaur Artist

Quite a story but one that left me with as many questions as answers. On a recent podcast, I made a joke about the fact I finally realized that Indiana Jones was basically a thief. Sure, much of what he … Read More

Read: No Surrender

First, imagine going to war. Now imagine being given an assignment that will most certainly end in death. Now go fight for your country and do what you were trained to do. This is what Hiroo Onoda did. And what … Read More

Read: Blues for Cannibals

I have to thank my friend Scott for turning me on to Charles Bowden all those years ago. If you are interesting in Latin parts then “Down by the River,” and “Murder City” are a must. Bowden was the guy … Read More