Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 011

Ya, me again. New Mexico is keeping me busy so it’s been a while since I checked in with five random points. How about the inventor of the Porta Potty? Or maybe you want an AG23 update? What about the … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 009

We’ve got a loaded lineup this week people. First up, another lie about newsletters. A bit more about my Patrick Swayze obsession. Then we hit up the pros of cons of the Julian Assange situation, a recap of my recent … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 007

Welcome back my podcast children. Today’s episode details a new “hero” series I’m introducing, the first hero being author Edward O. Wilson. I also touch on statistics about American consumerism, the epic failure that is my newsletter, the arrival of … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 002

Just what you wanted for the holiday. Another podcast. Back by insatiable public demand, episode two. I cover The Homeless Backpack Project, enlightenment, politics, immigration, my life in cameras and the odd demise of modern Apple. Yep, I’m gonna keep … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth, Episode 001

Just what you needed. Another podcast. I’m here to help. “For What It’s Worth,” is my new podcast series where I talk about all the things people have never asked me to talk about. Politics, the environment, cycling, adventure, humanity … Read More