Create: Thoughts on Film Photography, Episode 001

For anyone my age, the current excitement level in regard to film photography is both hysterical and very, very welcome. I love film, always have and always will. Logistically, for the kind of work I am currently doing, film does … Read More

Create: The One

I was fortunate. I came up during a time in photography that involved the wet darkroom. The darkroom was about pace, commitment, and a dizzying array of potential techniques. The darkroom was a dance. Time, temperature, mixture, agitation, experimentation. And … Read More

Create: Artisans and Trade Podcast

I never get tired of me. Me, me, me. More me with a side order of me and a syrupy dessert of more me. Stephen Obisanya from Artisans and Trade reached out and asked “Hey, wanna talk?” Who me? Why … Read More

Create: Books I love, The End of the Game

I discovered Peter Beard in 1993 while walking the stacks at the Phoenix Public Library. There he was, waiting for me. The Beard book tucked under my arm I walked home and knew my life had changed. Last month we … Read More

Create: Question and Answer 003

My wife asks more questions than any human being I’ve ever encountered. When I first met her she interrogated me for three hours straight, asking the most inappropriate questions with the most serious of faces. I had no choice. I … Read More

Create: How to do Long Term Projects, Part Two

Good grief. If you watch this entire thing I’m nominating you for a humanitarian award. Part Two in all its glory. There are more specifics here but there is still a lot to cover in regard to doing long-term work. … Read More

Create: How to do Long Term Projects, Part One

If you endure all twenty-plus minutes of this you deserve a cash reward. Tough love. Remember that. Tough love. I know tough love is not something readily available in the online world where the facade of ease and perfection is … Read More

Create: YouTube Live Episode Three

I’ve been doing one YouTube Live per week. So far they have been entertaining and educational with folks turning in from all corners of the globe. That is perhaps what interests me the most about YouTube. Over sixty-percent of viewers … Read More

Create: YouTube Live Episode Two

Hey team. YouTube darling here. Trending. I’m better than everyone else. Wink, wink. So, seeing as so many folks are quarantined, and considering I was tasked with new work from work, I decided I needed to find a way to … Read More

Create: Color for Mood

Most of my projects are black and white. But I also shoot color. Sometimes. And when people ask why I shoot black and white I tell them because it’s cool and so am I. Then they weep, mostly. On a … Read More

Create: Guatemala Journal 1995

Guatemala was my first international trip as a photographer. If you don’t count crossing the border, which I had done many, many times prior to 1995. But Guate was my first trip where I went to make pictures. Sure, I … Read More

Create: The Still Life

This is why I like digital. I don’t love digital like I love film, might never, but that’s okay. I still like digital and that’s enough. I might not have ever shot this image on film. I won’t do anything … Read More

Create: My Favorite Subject

Enough about me, what do you think about me? My favorite subject, me, me, me. Now, in all honesty, I very, very rarely make pictures of myself. My generation pointed their cameras out into the world, not the other way … Read More

Create: The Days Before

We dropped south from France after a week at the Visa Pour L’Image Festival our souls soothed with the best of the best who frame the world through little squares and rectangles. Drop the car in Marseille and pick up … Read More

Create: That Time in Life

It began in the heat with an assisting assignment. Someone I had worked with many times before and in a location I knew as well as any. You could put this photographer anywhere, in any situation, and he could come … Read More

Create: Flemming Bo Jensen Magazine

For those of you who have been here for any length of time, you will recognize the name, Flemming Bo Jensen. Friend, lover of Inca Cola, Fuji cameras, rental cars with good stereos and sleeping through visits to Machu Picchu. … Read More

Create: Mi Esposa en El Desierto

Quick post here people. This was made during my Los Angeles days. I was riding a 600v twin Honda Transalp during those days, like an idiot. Los Angeles is my least favorite major city on the planet and a truly … Read More