Create: Q&A 010

Bumper credit: Gledhill Back with more answers to more questions. One man, one opinion, take it for what it’s worth. I did not get through all the questions that have flown in over the past few months but I will, … Read More

Create: Paul Shappirio (Mom)

This book is a total heart breaker but also a living testament to why print platforms are so important. I don’t know Paul Shappirio, nor did I know his mother, but I can tell you with certainty that based on … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography Episode 004

This started out as a basic “Notes on Photography” episode but quickly devolved into a storytelling session. However, the story of the how, the why, and the where is more important than the image itself. A little walk back into … Read More

Create: Question and Answer 009

Nothing changed. Cameras, settings, location, and yet the focus is ALL OVER THE PLACE on this film. This is SO frustrating. No idea why this is happening. I finally got the exposure to remain constant by resetting everything in camera … Read More

Create: Making Sense of Me

I suck at landscape photography. My heart isn’t in it. My heart is the landscape, for sure, but not in the making of photographs depicting scenery. Why? Because even the best landscape photography pales in comparison to being there. So … Read More

Create: Q&A Episode 007

Let us not forget the reality that having the time to discuss photography and bookmaking is a complete luxury. A lot of folks on this planet of ours are simply trying to survive. Food, water, shelter. What f-stop never plays … Read More

Create: Response to a Young Photographer

Hey kids. I received an email from a budding young photographer asking about ideas, projects, and photography itself. Like George Bush Jr., I was a total mess until I was about forty, so anytime a young person reaches out I … Read More

Create: The Photographic Big Three

In my humble opinion. Yes, I’m just ONE guy with ONE opinion but when I look at the work that most inspires me, none of which is my own, I see consistencies in those frames and pages. Light, timing, and … Read More

Create: VanLife Episode 003

My brother-in-law cut my hair. He has no formal training. I have to temper my expectations. With very limited creative time I can sometimes trick myself into thinking I can do more than I actually can. This recent road trip … Read More

Create: Q&A 006

I AM JUST ONE GUY. With one opinion, tarnished by age, bias, comfort, and a radical take on the idea that photographers are supposed to be, after all, creative, pioneering, risk-taking people. I love Q&A because I have a strange … Read More

Create: The Isolated Streets, Kant Rathod

Okay, Kant has one of the coolest names ever. EVER. No idea what it means or where it comes from but it sure beats the Hell out of my normal name. For this, I am forever jealous. Kant also made … Read More

Create: Q&A Episode 005

Your questions, my answers. Keep in mind my friends and family, I am but one man. And my opinion is just that, mine. I could be wrong. I could be jaded. I could be misinformed, or I could be holding … Read More

Create: Books I Love, American Backyard

I’ve waited a long time to bring you this film, story, and book(s). I met Elliot Ross several years ago while attending an industry event and I knew immediately that he, and his creative collaborators, would make great things. One … Read More

Create: Learning a New Lens

Great photography is NOT about great photography equipment. Sure, equipment can assist and it does make a difference what platform you choose. Think about 35mm, 120mm, 4×5, 8×10, or any flavor of digital and you have a virtual buffet of … Read More

Create: Notes on Layouts, Episode 001

Welcome to another new series. Based on the success of my “Notes on Photography” films I thought I would add a new serious about layouts using a similar technique. I have ZERO training when it comes to page design, graphic … Read More

Create: Print Q&A Episode 001

My life was ruined in the late 1980s when I watched my first silver print come alive in the Dektol. “Oh no,” I remember thinking. “Time for a right turn.” And turn I did, toward photography as my career, much … Read More

Create: Books I Love, Dancing on Fire, Maggie Steber

There is nothing I love more than exposing people to good photography books, especially those books that influenced me in becoming a photographer. One such book is “Dancing on Fire,” by photojournalist Maggie Steber. My history with Maggie goes back … Read More