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One man, one opinion. Thank you for sending in your questions and if you have another then send that one in as well. Love these as I can speak to you as if you were sitting here with me. 1. … Read More

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Keep these questions coming people. Hot and heavy. A barrage if you will and I have many more to get to. But after twelve hours in the local library, the librarians are starting to think I moved in. So for … Read More

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Someone reached out and asked me about field guides in particular. What are they? How are they deployed and how does one make such a publication? I was going to add to this my Q&A films but know many of … Read More

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Pain. Suffering. Self-induced misery. Why oh why is this so much a part of my life? Why do I need it? Why do I want it? What purpose does it serve? And how does it impact the creative side of … Read More

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Well hello, my long-lost friends. It’s me again. Like a bad penny dolling out random advice based on real-life experience, emotional and haste. Sit down, strap in and take off the parking brake. Thank you to everyone who sent questions. … Read More

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This picture reminds of the movie Sicario but has nothing to do with the border, the drug war, or anything bad for that matter. But the feel is what leads me. Welcome to my world and welcome to my brain. … Read More

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Torn between two lovers. Normally when I edit I know very quickly what I want. Most of the time I know when I make a picture but sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have all the answers. I don’t. … Read More

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Ross Evertson is one of those annoying characters who can do both photography and design. And just to rub it in he also knows print. Ross is a large man. Not overweight just large. But his photography is what I … Read More

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Well, well, well back again. I actually feel kinda lame doing so many questions and answer films but my flux capacitor is running at extreme temperatures and this is about all I have time for. Sorry. But, you ask damn … Read More

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So many good questions, so little time. Here is the link to the upcoming workshop I mentioned. Thank you to all those who sent in their questions and if I did not answer what you sent just know I’m … Read More

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Well hello, my online friends. Welcome back to yet another episode of me talking my personal brand of nonsense. Your questions, my answers. Pretty simple, but is it? Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions. I’m one person … Read More

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First of all, thank you to everyone who sent questions. During the time required to upload this film, I had ten more questions roll in and they are all solid questions. In fact, one of them is something I could … Read More

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Back again with a list of your questions and my answers. Again, I’m going to forego the listing of the specific questions and their timelines. Just jump about and see what you see and hear. Maybe it’s fly fishing, photography, … Read More

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How does it FEEL to be somewhere? When we work we are often pulled in a variety of directions at the same time. There are the demands of the client. There are our own personal demands and then there is … Read More

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Could there possibly be any more questions? Yes, that was a trick question. Your wish is my command. Remember, one guy and one opinion so take it for what it’s worth. 1. 32 seconds, What is my stance on money? … Read More

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I am fortunate. I get to do a fair number of interviews. Heck, I’ll talk to anyone about anything but most of my audio adventures cover photography, print, creativity, etc. The usual suspects if you will. But I really enjoy … Read More

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Strike one: forgot to plugin my mics. Strike two: Either Fuji or Atomos or cable was not happy. So, there are some glitches people, but hey, if you wanted perfect you certainly wouldn’t be on my channel. I think there … Read More

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Any time I shine a light on the professional photography industry just know I have blood on my hands and share at least partial blame. Think of it as a conspiracy to commit visual fraud. I’ve made my share of … Read More