Creative: The Isthmus, Andrew Kaufman

Ya, so how about an audio book review? Hey, funny you should ask for that. Here’s one. “The Isthmus, A New Path Between the Seas,” is an Andrew Kaufman opus in regard to Panama, the canal, the canal expansion and … Read More

Read: The Panama Papers

During the time I read this book I asked everyone I came in contact with how they felt about “The Panama Papers.” A grand total of ONE person knew what I was talking about. ONE. I guess I’m strange. I … Read More

Print: The Isthmus, Andrew Kaufman

The magazine format is a unique beast. The spine-on-top magazine is a truly rare beast, but when it works it works. Add in a printed envelope and what you have is a very cool, very powerful promotional tool. This latest … Read More

Found: Andrew Kaufman finds Panama

Andrew Kaufman is a Miami based fine-art photographer who also works in the editorial and advertising fields. Kaufman has undertaken assignments and projects in Latin America, Asia, Europe and all across the United States. His current project is based entirely … Read More