Create: Notes on Photography 11

This picture reminds of the movie Sicario but has nothing to do with the border, the drug war, or anything bad for that matter. But the feel is what leads me. Welcome to my world and welcome to my brain. … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife Episode 15

Summer has arrived in Northern New Mexico. But for the first time in two years, we have a week of light rain, low temps and absolute joy. The landscape goes from brown to green, almost instantly, as the patient things … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife 14

We often live parallel lives. I know I do. There is the world of my mind and my belief that I am still eighteen years old, and then there is the reality staring back at me. As we get older … Read More

BikeLife: Dusty Roads

Anyone my age will know the double meaning of this post title. It couldn’t be helped. I apologize. I hope you are out getting dusty. I’ve stopped posting the statistics from my rides. There wasn’t any real issue or any … Read More

BikeLife: One Tire Fits All

Bike geeks and tire width geeks might not be happy with this film or my assessment of the situation. One tire fits all. And no I’m not running tubeless and have no intention of doing so in the short term. … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife 12

This is the best BikeLife film so far. How do I know this? Because everything went wrong. My plan was grand, dramatic, and sexy but the New Mexico day had other ideas for me. There was the crash followed by … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode Four

We were on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. Just kidding. That’s a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by the one-and-only Hunter S. Thompson. A literary hero. But I like to … Read More

Adventure: Out on the Fringe

Two days in the field. Felt like I needed to move mountains to get this time but the moment I left the house the rest of my world just faded away. In two days I’ve forgotten passwords, forgotten to-do lists, … Read More

BikeLife: Episode 11

I know that many of you are here for photography-related films. Makes sense seeing as I spent most of my adult life as a working photographer. However, my life isn’t all about photography although I guess one could say even … Read More

Adventure: Winter Gasps

We wait for one more storm. At least. The ground asks us to be patient, to push off that carwash, that stowing of the extra thick layers, and the temptation to act as if this act is over. It’s not, … Read More

Adventure: Falling Down

As Texas endures the great, white blight we here in New Mexico just shrug. Contrary to popular opinion it actually snows in New Mexico. Yes, we have pointy parts that fly free to the bottom of the clouds. And yes, … Read More

BikeLife: Episode 010

A bit different here but I needed your help and also wanted to share about a few recent upgrades, changes that have made my cycling life a lot better. First, I’ve got to figure out my recovery post-ride. What I … Read More

Adventure: Everyday Expedition, Episode 004

Shout out to Kurt for the bumper. Much appreciated. Fifty-two percent of the state of New Mexico is now in what is considered to be “exceptional” drought. I begin to compile footage, stills, and copy in an attempt to tell … Read More

BikeLife: New Mexico Groove

I lied. There is no groove. This is my first season riding in the cold and I’ve had to learn a few new boundaries. Those boundaries are more about me than anything else. What can I handle? What can I … Read More

Create: Making Sense of Me

I suck at landscape photography. My heart isn’t in it. My heart is the landscape, for sure, but not in the making of photographs depicting scenery. Why? Because even the best landscape photography pales in comparison to being there. So … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife Episode 009

Yes, the production quality sucks. Yes, it was so windy you can barely hear me but that was even more reason to make this film. If I can do it you can do it. The triple neck-punch of winter, wind, … Read More

Adventure: The Space Program

Near Diablo. Scouting. Wind picking up. The hike, roughly seven miles, was complete. Washboard road ripping the van apart one click at a time. Heater running full blast. Last sun highlighting dust-filled gusts. One holiday over, one to go. It … Read More