Creative: Nate Matos Zines

Yes, yes, yes, I’ve written about Nate Matos many times, but he’s the only Nate I know so I’m going to keep going until he is dead. And, he’s really, really good. He keeps MAKING THINGS. This new series is … Read More

Creative: Blandscapes, Nate Matos

I’ve featured Nate here many times before, but he keeps doing creative things so it’s not like I can stop featuring him anytime soon. I admitted I was officially jealous and angry of his prolific contributions. But I’m not nearly … Read More

Creative: Serif & Silver Compendium Pryme Edition

I’ve featured Serif and Silver before, but I wanted to bring your attention to another Nate Matos creation based on a limited edition collection of the publication. The Compendium Pryme Edition. You’ve heard me say this before, but there are … Read More

Creative: Serif & Silver

One more for luck! Thanks to Nate for sending me this baby. I’ve posted about Serif & Silver before, and I probably will again. A serial publication, like magazine, is within reach for SO many people but SO few actually … Read More

Creative: Serif & Silver

I’ve written about Serif & Silver before. The brainchild of Nate Matos who is ALWAYS doing really cool things. I just bought the latest edition of the “Quarterly Film Photography Journal.” I’ve said this before, but I simply can’t believe … Read More

Print: Serif & Silver

You want to see a very smart use of great design, photography and the technology of Blurb? I thought you might. Meet Nate Matos and Serif & Silver. I’m going to say this now, and I’m going to say this … Read More