Creative: Self-Portrait, London

I’ve photographed myself more than once. My best guess going back thirty years is maybe I’ve photographed myself a hundred times. Now, this is a total stab in the dark. It might be slightly more, or slightly less. You might … Read More

London Journal Seven

Last day in London. Cold. Dry. Lots of walking. A group out to make photographs. Streets are busy, packed. Lines outside restaurants. London celebrates the weekend. I try not to think ahead. What’s upcoming. Just sit and relax for a … Read More

London Journal Six

Ya, maybe I took advantage of a good thing, but the Adobe people are SO nice. A second shirt. The question is now, “How could I have lived without these shirts?” Day two of the D&AD Festival. A special guest … Read More

London Journal Five

Yes, it feels like I’ve been in London for eight months. Intensity. Today was the D&AD Festival. Spending my life in photography I missed out on design and advertising, so I’m trying to make up for lost time. These festivals … Read More

London Journal Four

I really don’t have much to show for myself today. I didn’t get out much. We have a double event schedule starting this afternoon, so I’m in prep mode and pace mode. This might seem like a strange image to … Read More

London Journal Three

When I think of London I think of this weather. Today delivered but not before teasing me with sunshine early this morning as I did my best yogi routine in the room. I finished levitating, ate and hit the streets. … Read More

London Journal Two

It was that kind of day. The kind where you lineup a dozen or so cameras and you venture forth. This time it was with the London Lomography folks who were kind enough to outfit our students with cameras and … Read More

London Journal

What a difference. Amsterdam to London. Drastic changes in noise, intensity and temperature. Sitting in my room wondering what combination of layers I can apply to keep my frail little frame above the frost line. Maybe I’ll coat my body … Read More

PRINT: Unbinding the Book

A few months back we were able to partner with Jotta, a London-based creative studio, to create and deliver an exhibition titled “Unbinding the Book.” The goal was to redefine the experience of a book, and to redesign the idea … Read More

Dispatches: Mattias Hubner

Mattias Hubner is a London-based designer of books, identities and websites. He has worked as both editor and designer on over thirty books in the past eight years.

Dispatches: Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins is a London based photographer who specializes in portraiture, travel and studio work.He is also a very cool guy with a studio that makes you want to move in. Up the train line, a short walk, first up … Read More