Create: The Power of Actual News

This should be required viewing for all Americans. It never will be and remember it took a comedian to put this out. But he is SPOT on. The television news isn’t news, nor is most of what you see online. … Read More

Create: Catchlight Fellowship

For those of you out there who are serious photographers, storytellers or journalists this is something you should know about. If I had my act together in any way, shape or form I would be applying for this myself. But, … Read More

Create: Catchlight Retreat

Okay, time for a recap. I am just home from the Catchlight Retreat. For those of you interested in photography, storytelling, new media, and intellectually provocative learnings, well, you should know Catchlight. A few names of note to take away … Read More

Read: Unbelieveable

This book is a train wreck, which is why I read it. You know going in what you are about to find, most of which has already been well played out over the past year, but the small behind-the-scenes details … Read More

Read: The Billion Dollar Spy

I love a cyanide pill as much as the next guy, so what’s not to like about David E. Hoffman’s “The Billion Dollar Spy?” Being forty-seven-years-old I remember The Cold War, and I remember the underlying threat simmering just below … Read More