Creative: From the Journal, Burbank

Dad is wearing loafers. Wealthy. The daughter somewhat lost but lives here in Burbank, or nearby, but is struggling to find herself. She wants to be an artist, but doesn’t need to suffer because of the safety net. She’s had … Read More

Creative: Vacation in Maine

Vacation Maine. I love this place. Just past season but the buses of Germans are still making the rounds. The lines for lobster still there. Sun, rain, wind and calm. Twilight. A nine-foot tide with currents swirling their power. I … Read More

Creative: Random New Mexico

Covered in mud at Ojo Caliente. Fire season. You know I used to be a photographer. Yes, it’s true. I still make pictures now and then but rarely as a serious endeavor. Not that I don’t still have the spark … Read More

Creative: Journaling

How many of you keep a journal? For those of you who do, kudos. For those of you who don’t, why not? Journaling is addictive, but it’s also fun, strategic, helpful and therapeutic. I started a daily journal in the … Read More

Creative: A Few Things I’ve Learned

1. There is no time to wait. Whatever it is you are doing, do it now. Publishing, photography, projects, experimentations. You have people who talk and wait for the perfect moment, and you have others who just do. The doers … Read More

Creative: Morning Festival Journal

“Friday morning is always about what is left of the people who went big after the sun fell behind the mountain. Voices gone, bad colds, alcohol laden bodies. Survivors of free wine and borrowed spirits. With friends, hair down, just … Read More

Creative: Blurb Stop

(Sydney based super creative Jess Scully.) I’ve never written much about my visits to Blurb. Not sure why because there is always a lot going on. Cool, talented people doing cool and talented things. Yesterday I was asked to volunteer … Read More

Creative: Newport Journal April 2017

He smelled like cheap cigarettes. He angled too close to my personal space. A screw head. For sure. A younger, tag-along brother with a cell phone blasting Italian TV tunes. But they weren’t Italian. Neighbors most likely. He immediately gets … Read More

Creative: San Diego Diary

Irvine. The Train. Yes, a train. We have them here, but the platform is empty. Sitting isolated in what was once open land, then farmland and now a world of manmade madness. The intercom is broken. The trains aren’t marked … Read More

Creative: Travel Journal

The driver was high. Very high. The back door of the cab wouldn’t open, and when I asked about sitting in the front the driver said the passenger seat was covered in coffee ice cream. It was 5:30AM. The airport … Read More

Creative: Look3 Journal Two

Slow drain. Residue. Left behind once the images make impact. You can’s unsee, unlearn but what you can do is ignore. And we do, but I’m here to tell you something. Look enough and you can’t ignore, or forget. What … Read More

Los Angeles Journal

Los Angeles is indecisive. Summer is impatient but spring doesn’t want to give up control and reminds us with light rain and cloud. Downtown scrapers behind the veil. Traffic on high. A mobile phone gives the driver voice commands, but … Read More

Sydney Journal Eleven

Glass pack feedback on a second gear scratch. Kent and Bathhurst. For us or the audience who doesn’t really care? On this street corner, right here and now, just watching. There is no reason to act but believe me when … Read More

Sydney Journal Ten

Slow sweat creeping up. Jacket off and packed up. Southern light burning into me. Autumn is such a lovely word. The train is whisper silent. No one speaks, and beyond this there is a “silent carriage.” My kind of place. … Read More

Sydney Journal Nine

“I wanted a mission and for my sins they gave me one.” Captain Willard. Upriver. Parramatta. Green to gold and then to black. Bubbling. Turmoil. Jet foil. Narrower and narrower. “It’s a slow boat,” someone warns but the thrust of … Read More

Sydney Journal Eight

Sydney smolders. Smokestack lighting. Vapor trails off a high rise. Moments of wonder. Can I climb down twenty floors? Control burns like a necklace around the Big Smoke. Nature reminds us all of the inevitable. When we go it will … Read More

Sydney Journal Seven

No time for dreams here. Days too consumed for the freedom of random night thoughts. Install, lecture, install, meet up. Classified. “International Guest.” There are moments when the conversation lags and my other mind creeps in. I forget to ask … Read More

Sydney Journal Five

Ten photographs. It was a ten photograph day. Total. A day of missed opportunity combined with muddled thoughts about the meaning of just about everything. Doubt. The ideal of a world we dream about but can’t fully know until we … Read More