Create: Thoughts and Answers, Q&A 14

Yes, “Thoughts and Answers,” instead of the traditional question and answer. This is a bit of an odd one and I will forego the standard listing of points because after the first two parts, and a story, I basically only … Read More

Create: Ten Words, Ten Photographers

I lied. There are eleven words and photographers. But who is counting? I did this same film as a YouTube Live last week or the week before, but I liked the content enough to redo it here with more information. … Read More

Create: The Importance of Print

I was fortunate. I came up in photography during a slower time. There were real budgets, no Internet, no mobile phones smaller than a toaster oven and let us not forget the innocence of the pager. Print was the focal … Read More

Creative: What to do with it?

I never thought I would have to write this post. When I first picked up a camera for real, which was the summer of 1987, my goal was to learn the craft and then attempt to become a professional. I … Read More

Creative: Content is not Photography

Had an interesting conversation with a colleague at Blurb. She is a full-time writer but has a passion for photography that rivals anyone working today. In fact, she thinks about photography in a far more complex and in depth way … Read More

Creative: Is Photography Still Worth It?

I have no special right to question the validity of modern photography outside of the fact I have basic rights to question almost anything, but this particular idea is front and center in my mind because I’ve had some time … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

A tale of two cities.(Or my life in that city.) There is Dan and there is “Blurb Dan.” I’ve written of this recently. So after the last ten days of high-intensity movement, promotion, projection and presentation, spanning multiple countries, the … Read More