Create: A Shout Out to Fuji

So, I ordered a camera. The very one you see here. When I opened the box, charged the batteries, attached the booster, filled it with premium unleaded, and fired it up I noticed that the focus was assigned to the … Read More

Create: Why I Use Fuji Cameras

Yes, the depths of my hypocrisy are considerable but hear me out. I did this film as a preemptive strike. Since starting my blossoming and surely legendary YouTube career I have been bombarded by emails and messages in regard to … Read More

Creative: Cuba Workshop Update Two

So I’m scheduled to teach in Cuba in December of this year. Havana and the countryside are the two main areas of focus. Personally, I wouldn’t care if we were only going to the airport. I’d still want to go. … Read More

Creative: The Fuji File Three

Yep, I took a selfie. In my own defense it was during test mode. Trying to figure out what all the buttons on the XT2 are actually for. Do you know this camera has autofocus? Wow, news to me. So … Read More

Creative: A Special Moment

I was invited on an early morning boat trip down the coast. The reason for the trip was very personal and not something I want to share here, but I do want to share a few of the images. I … Read More

Creative: Anatomy of Mood

Three images shot within two minutes of one another. Bing, bang, boom. Rain, night, artifacts. A lone camera and lens. Light and composition. This is actually the kind of photography I find myself doing more than anything else, which is … Read More