Create: Fun Film Facts

Everyone calm down. I can feel the rage brewing through this horrible connection I have at the moment. Film. It has taken on mythical proportions in the consumer, prosumer, and online worlds. For the pros, no, they are busy making … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography Episode 5

There is soft and then there is out-of-focus unusable. Back in the day, we spoke of soft images as “not tack sharp.” There are certain styles of images that work slightly soft and others that certainly do not. Knowing when … Read More

Create: Film Photography, Episode 002

Film is like language. You can study something your entire life and never quite get all of it. Nothing about film matters unless you use it. So talking about film and venturing down the rabbit hole of technicality doesn’t help … Read More

Create: Analog Throwback

Sweet Jesus. Cross-processed Fuji 100f from the Ace of Spades at Salton Sea. As they say, all good things come to an end. Oh, and 645 format no less. Pentax. With its BEAUTIFUL full rebate data collection offering. Man do … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography, Episode 003

Shooting square format is a wonderful thing. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to several talented square format photographers early on in my career. The likes of Claudio Edinger, Paolo Pellegrin, and Giorgia Fiorio. I chose to use the … Read More

Create: Thoughts on Film Photography, Episode 001

For anyone my age, the current excitement level in regard to film photography is both hysterical and very, very welcome. I love film, always have and always will. Logistically, for the kind of work I am currently doing, film does … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography Episode 002

Welcome to the second motion episode of Notes on Photography. The workshop series I mention in the intro is PhotoExperience with Adam Weintraub. I’ve taught with Adam several times and would do so again if the opportunity arose. Lima, Peru. … Read More

Create: Una Pura Verdad

An old film by an old friend. There are a fair number of new people on this site, and this is something I wasn’t sure people knew about but wanted them to see. This project is now ongoing once again. … Read More

Create: How to Photograph on Vacation

Hey Kids, so I’ve started a real filmmaking portion of my “career.” As many of you know, I tried this many times in the past and it never worked. For some still unknown reason, this time it stuck and I’m … Read More

Create: It’s Been a While

Film time. Once again. It’s been a while. I did my first official, professional assignment with a digital camera sometime in 1993. I’m going to let you take a minute to think about that. I want you to think about … Read More

Creative: Notes on Photography, Episode 5

Seeing as I just ran this image as part of another post I thought, “Why not use that for Notes on Photography.” So here it is. Frankly, I love this picture. Not much I would change, but let’s break it … Read More

Creative: Screening, Forever B

The Newport Beach Film Festival is quietly stirring. My wife met a filmmaker who has a picture included in the event. Yesterday was the screening. We were on hand to take a peak. I didn’t know anything about the film, … Read More

Creative: Super Dynamite

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve photographed this little bugger. He’s not so little now. I found this print while looking for some sleeves. Just looking at this print brought back so many memories. When he was tiny, and … Read More

Creative: Death Valley with Kodak TMAX 3200

This was my emulsion of choice for many years. I first learned about this film back in early 1990’s when I was a photojournalism student at the University of Texas. TRI-X was the most popular film, but I quickly fell … Read More

Creative: Leica + TMZ, Why?

11×14, warm tone, 300g, photo rag As most of you know, I like my Fuji cameras. I really do. The first digital system I’ve enjoyed using. And I’ll keep using it. In fact I’m heading out this weekend, and I’m … Read More

Creative: I’ll Be Back

You knew it was coming. So when my old bud Tim at Kodak called me on Friday night and asked “You want one of the first rolls of the new TMZ?” I answered “Yes.” Wet met in the lobby of … Read More

Creative: Notes on Photography, Episode 4

El Mirage, California. If you have seen a car commercial in the last twenty years then you have most likely seen El Mirage Dry Lake near Los Angeles. It’s close, within striking distance for those Uber hip art directors who … Read More

Lyme: Skin Deep, The Battle Over Morgellons

I haven’t posted about Lyme Disease much but not because it isn’t very much a part of my life. Sadly, it is. But, I prefer to look on the bright side. I’m doing just fine. It took four years for … Read More