Creative: Photoville 2018

I love photography. I’m pretty sure you do too. I don’t love the industry of photography, and I believe the entire field needs to be rethought, redone and redesigned, but nobody is asking for my opinion. I left photography behind … Read More

Creative: Palm Springs Photo Festival, Day Three

And then depression set in. There have been brief moments during my “career” that I thought “Hey, I think I’m a decent photographer,” or moments when I thought “I think I just made something good.” But then I went to … Read More

Creative: Palm Springs Photo Festival, Day Two

The earthquake, 4.6, woke me up at 4:49. Entire hotel was swaying and the noise that comes with these babies will definitely get your attention. So, out of bed at 6AM and up the mountain behind the museum. Dust, rock … Read More

Creative: PSPF Day Four

Look, I’m a bigshot! Fact. Our art book class was off the hook. The students brought great work, made prints, brought glue and scissors and dove into their blank books with abandon. By 2PM they left with working samples of … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 25

[soundcloud url=”” params=”color=570000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] If you haven’t been to the Palm Springs Photo Festival I just have ONE question for you. What are you waiting for? It’s a festival. Not a trade show, or geek fest, but … Read More

Creative: Look3 Journal Two

Slow drain. Residue. Left behind once the images make impact. You can’s unsee, unlearn but what you can do is ignore. And we do, but I’m here to tell you something. Look enough and you can’t ignore, or forget. What … Read More

Creative: Look3 Journal One

Fireflies. Streaked like missile trails. Incoming through the muggy Virginia lush. I want to love it here. Rolling, these hills. Like you would want them to be, but mountains on the horizon through the streaked windshield revealing my ignorance. The … Read More

Creative: Look3

For those of you with an interest in photojournalism you should know about something called Look3 Festival of the Photograph. I’ll be heading to the event early tomorrow and will hopefully see some of you there. This is a perfectly … Read More

Sydney Journal Six

There is someone I need to mention who has nothing to do with this post. Someone put on this planet to endure. Put here to party, to explore, to make stupid moves, to fall in love from country to country. … Read More

London Journal Five

Yes, it feels like I’ve been in London for eight months. Intensity. Today was the D&AD Festival. Spending my life in photography I missed out on design and advertising, so I’m trying to make up for lost time. These festivals … Read More

Dispatches: Jess Scully

Jess Scully is a handful. “She has an open invitation to any art event in the entire city,” someone replied after I asked about Jess. Attending an opening at the Art Gallery NSW it was apparent how many people she … Read More

Dispatches: Moshe Rosenzveig

Rumored to be the largest photo festival in the world. Head On. And he is the director. CAN YOU IMAGINE how many people are after him? And he was cool enough to sit down with me less than a day … Read More