Read: Desert Solitaire

I know. Another reread. I found this copy in a small, community library. You know, those tiny mailbox looking things found in the most unlikely of places? Yep, one of those. Inside was a note, written in fine, black ink. … Read More

Read: The Fool’s Progress

I’m sad that Edward Abbey is gone. I’d love to have this guy roaming the Earth and lending his perspective on things. Abbey was such a strange blend. He seemed to walk both sides of many situations, one of the … Read More

Read: Fire on the Mountain

It’s a book about New Mexico! What more do I have to say? Ranching, the government, the military, land grabs and the landscape. This book will fire you up, especially if you know anyone who has lost their home, their … Read More

Read: The Journey Home

This Edward Abbey book fell in my hands at the right time. “The Journey Home,” is a book of essays from one of the most interesting nature writers I know. I would call Ed Abbey a reluctant writer but I’m … Read More