Creative: Notes on Photography Episode 8

I’m back. And with video no less. Ain’t I just the belle of the ball. I want to expand this series, so I’m taking a bit of time to learn the software and to refine my technique. You know me, … Read More

Creative: In the Moment

Busted. Reading in the middle of the night. I’ve said this before but reading is a free education and one that most of us should take more advantage of. Less screen, more page. The truth is Americans, not all but … Read More

Creative: A Road to Photography

So I got something new in the mail. As you know, I’m a sucker for all things analog post. Mathieu Chiasson is a relative newcomer to photography but is attempting to make up for lost time. I’ve never met Mathieu … Read More

Creative: Notes on Photography Episode 1

Okay, look alive people. Uncle Danno has a whole new bag of tricks. A new series titled “Notes on Photography.” What is it you ask? Well, it’s just that, notes on photography. Literally. For some unknown and troubling reason I’m … Read More