Create: Maine Diary, Episode Three, 2019

“You wanna know a good dive bar?” he asks the three pseudo-locals. His face too red, his voice too husky as the vape smolders from his fingertips. The weather cools but not enough to chill the tallboy stuffed in his … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode Two, 2019

Counter people in a tourist town. Always an alarming change from early summer to late. The look becomes hardened, the smiles forced and cracked like dry Earth. The final signal before all hope and compassion are lost. But can you … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode One, 2019

ORD>PWM 12D, Embraer 175, 30,000 feet. Light chop but a beautiful late afternoon, midwest summer down below. Another shooting in Texas but it’s difficult to feel sympathetic(to the problem, not the people) when exactly zero of our political leaders have … Read More

Creative: San Diego Diary

Irvine. The Train. Yes, a train. We have them here, but the platform is empty. Sitting isolated in what was once open land, then farmland and now a world of manmade madness. The intercom is broken. The trains aren’t marked … Read More