Create: Terra Firma Newsletter

One of my favorite writers, and New Mexico local, Courtney White started a newsletter. Yes, there may or may have been some badgering but he would have done this with or without me hoping he would. It doesn’t matter where … Read More

Dispatches: Courtney White

I found Courtney White through his books about carbon, conservation, ranching and the New West. He asked how I found these books but I had no answer. They seemingly just appeared in my vehicle where they have resided ever since. … Read More

Read: The Age of Consequences

Courtney White brings us another gem with “The Age of Consequences,” which is about the critical juncture our culture and planet find themselves. For some reason it was especially poignant to read this during the time that Apple launched their … Read More

Read: Grass, Soil, Hope

Having spent part of my life on a ranch in Wyoming I find myself being drawn back into the IDEA of that existence. Whether or not I will ever go near that life again is another matter, but I have … Read More