Create: A Shout Out to Fuji

So, I ordered a camera. The very one you see here. When I opened the box, charged the batteries, attached the booster, filled it with premium unleaded, and fired it up I noticed that the focus was assigned to the … Read More

Create: Why I Use Fuji Cameras

Yes, the depths of my hypocrisy are considerable but hear me out. I did this film as a preemptive strike. Since starting my blossoming and surely legendary YouTube career I have been bombarded by emails and messages in regard to … Read More

Creative: Paper People

What’s better than a thirteen-year-old nephew? How about a paper version so that when he drives someone crazy you just fold him up and put him away. Works for me. Super Dynamite and Uncle Dan merge in Moss Beach. Suit: … Read More

Adventure: Altas Packs, Athlete Next Gen

The latest generation of the Atlas Athlete on the left and the prior generation on the right. The new bag is a large and the older version is a medium, hence the difference in height. This post straddles the “Creative” … Read More