Create: Albania Workshop (Maybe)

As I mention in the film, we are planning on offering this workshop but we also have to keep the realities of COVID19 in mind. We will make a final decision as we get closer and after monitoring the situation … Read More

Create: Yes, I’m Teaching a Workshop (s).

Hello friends, neighbors, and fellow human beings. The cat is out of the bag. After a multi-year break, I’ve committed to teaching once again. And it’s going to be good. ALBANIA x2. But before I begin to explain the how, … Read More

Create: Albania Magazine, v1

Okay, now things are beginning to feel complete. Not quite fully complete, mind you, but we are getting closer. I’ve already posted in regard to my Albania project and the methodology, technique, and ideas I deployed to bring this baby … Read More

Creative: Albania Project Part One

Serious, focused photography isn’t something I do much these days. Documentary photography, at least the way I do it, which would be considered “old school” by many, is far from easy and massively time-consuming. Ingredients that don’t jive well with … Read More

Creative: Albanian Experiment

I’ve kept something from you, a secret. I’ve been in Albania for the last two weeks. Upon arrival in Tirana, I turned off my phone, placed it in my suitcase and never looked back. Off the grid. Heaven. No social, … Read More