Create: Life, Version Now

A funny thing keeps happening. Folks who are now quarantined are reaching out. That is not surprising. Many of these folks are new to quarantine. I am not. Sure, during normal times I can go when I please but I … Read More

Create: Things I Wish I Knew

I’ve been remiss at posting the films I’m sending to Advancing Your Photography on YouTube. I think if most people knew what my life was actually like they would shake their head in both bewilderment and perhaps even a dusting … Read More

Create: Advancing your Photography, Part Two

Back by popular demand. Me on me and me on you and me on creativity and responsibility. For me, this is where things get truly interesting for anyone who considers themselves a professional. I do think this ideology applies to … Read More

Creative: Silber Studios Interview Redux

If you don’t know Marc Silber you should. NoCal based and hopelessly in love with all things photography. Marc has a production studio, writes books, does interviews and generally spends his life mired in the trenches of photography. Just the … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Ignore Me

Thinking about joining the artillery club. Notice the Blurb blue Chucks people. Going the extra mile for all of you. At some point you have to ignore everyone, including me, if you want to put your work into the world. … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Let it Be

Doing some deep cover research. We live in a world consumed by rushing work to market, but as they say “speed kills.” Letting something be, like your photography, allows the work to marinate and allows for the work to become … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Sponsorship

Okay, this might be more of a public service announcement than anything else. Anyone who has worked for a company that can provide photographic sponsorship knows the peril of this reality. It can get ugly out there. The volume of … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Pillars

One of my favorite books is “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by T.E Lawrence. This book got me thinking about pillars of being a photographer. Three things quickly came to mind. A fourth thrown in for good measure. When I … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Be More

Writing at Machu Picchu. I could add another point I forgot about. Learn an instrument. Anything. Kazoo. Guitar. Drums. Whatever. Music is another language and opens doors in life. S^%$, I forgot something else. Point number seven. Exercise. Might sound … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, One Style vs Two

More photography advice on tap. This time about style. One, two or even three and the effect of trying to balance many things at one photographic time. I am totally guilty of doing this, over and over, and never learning … Read More

Creative: Blurb Tips 0007 P&E

Don’t get me wrong. I love print. But I also know that “E” books are a very strategic, cost effective tool that is a completely different experience, and if you aren’t making them I will do my best to shame … Read More