Sydney Journal (Even though I’m in Los Angeles)


So I’m not in Sydney anymore but I can’t call this post “Los Angeles Journal” because the post is about the real-time book we created in Australia. If you don’t know about this then go back and check out the subsequent posts in regard to this project. Less than one week after hitting “print,” my copy arrived. Oh man. Seeing a photo of Garry Trinh in my mailbox made me laugh. Shoot, print, edit, sequence, design and then…….PRINT. And then….MOVE ON. A Magcloud Digest.

You know me. You know I make books and mags and prints all the time, but doing this book with Garry showed me I can do even more. More on this later, after the first trip…hint, hint. Also on my horizon. A public book, one I will sell, make available(In very limited quantity.) Not entirely sure what this will be but I’ve got ideas. Time to go stir the pot. Get out there and make something. No excuses.

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  1. Fantastic! This inspired me to try a Digest for my Spain trip! I will send you one if you like? Of course as soon as it is ready! Haha!

  2. Good-looking book, Daniel. I was looking at Magcloud last night but I have no idea of how to use it. Should I use In-Design to produce the book and then upload to Magcloud? I have no idea about In-Design either but there are good tutorials from Adobe. Perhaps you can post the ‘behind the scenes, step-by-step for your next book? With technology, I only learn what I have to and when I am forced to do so by need, but I really must master this book-making stuff, I want to make magazines. The irony is, I worked in I.T. for many years.


    1. Mike,
      If you don’t have InDesign then check the software options to see what alternative might work. I like InDesign because it’s the most flexible, professional option and Magcloud offers plugins. If you are going to be a bookmaker in the future then InDesign is a worthwhile investment. It’s the industry standard. But, if this is an occasional thing then just use what you have. I did an audio tip today, but will try to figure a way to do more of a step by step in the future.

  3. Daniel, the Adobe Cloud option of Lightroom and Photoshop would be more cost-effective and see more use, for me, than In-Design. Does this seem like a good option for producing magazines via Magcloud? Thanks for any help.


    1. Mike,
      I think the short answer is whatever software allows you to make things is the best software. I use LR for editing but don’t use it for bookmaking. You can’t really compare LR and ID. Vastly different options, but if you don’t have ID then you have to make other choices. You can also download templates on MC and use those!

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