Read: White Tears

This book took a turn. A real turn. Loved the beginning and when the turn came, about midway, I didn’t quite see it coming. Music. Obsession. Collection. Greed. All wound into one well written, tightly wrapped package. “White Tears,” by Hari Kunzru, a Guggenheim winner, is a super story laced with all kinds of things I love. Who doesn’t love audio recorders? Inner-city, deep south, and everything in between. The needle and a spoon. Gated communities and stories that are better off kept to themselves. Get it, read it.

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  1. The narrative style in the second half of the book, reminds me of Burroughs. The author couples a unique narrative style interweaved with America’s complicated race history. Fortunately, we are left with a book that is hard to put down. A very fine read and recommendation. (Honestly I might need to veg out on Netflix to recover before tackling a new book)

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