Read: The Universe Speaks in Numbers

I keep reading books like this because they make me feel like a total dumbass, of which I am, mostly. The universe, something I car barely comprehend. Math, something I can barely comprehend. Add them together and you get me looking perplexed over an extended period of time. I feel like Zoolander with the four block Rubix Cube. But that’s okay. Again, I like a challenge and maybe at some point SOMETHING will make sense.

I was a D- student in math, well, at least the last time I actually took a math class. It was brutal. The test they gave me on the first day was impossible. And I’d already taken the material at least once. Author Graham Farmelo reveals how modern math reveals nature’s deepest secrets. And secrets they are. This book is mindblowing but also works as a history lesson for those of us who slept through that class as well. The Universe Speaks in Numbers will make you stop, make you think and make you think back to high school algebra. What could be better?

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