Read: The Fool’s Progress

I’m sad that Edward Abbey is gone. I’d love to have this guy roaming the Earth and lending his perspective on things. Abbey was such a strange blend. He seemed to walk both sides of many situations, one of the rare few who can somehow pull this off. The Fool’s Progress is what Abbey called his “fat masterpiece,” and I happen to agree. I can’t put this book above Desert Solitaire, but this book includes part of that book. The Fool’s Progress reveals so many things about Abbey and his life’s trajectory. There were parts that made me cringe and other parts that made me want to get in my car and drive to wild spaces.

PS: Look how great this photo is. That is iPhone 5 technology people. Yep, after my nearly $1000, 128gig, unlocked iPhone 6 Plus developed the “touch disease,” I finally came to the conclusion I can’t give Apple any more money. If you research what happened with “touch disease” it’s just so lame I can’t even stand it. So, it looks like I have a Google Phone in my future and a Microsoft Surface something as well. Not like I have to do ANY of this now because my trusty old iPhone 5 with it’s dim, yellow screen with enormous red, fading circle of death and it’s 12 minute battery life are all I need.

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