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If you are a photographer and don’t know Philip Caputo then today is your lucky day. A Rumor of War is the book that put Caputo on the map but for you photogs, Delcorso’s Gallery is a must. Today we talk Some Rise by Sin a novel about one small piece of one large drug war.

Based on actual events, which is terrifying to say the least, this book speaks to the horrors of life under cartel rule. It also brings to light, as all good books on the War on Drugs tend to do, that there wouldn’t be a war without the insatiable demand for illegal narcotics inside the United States. It takes two to tango.

I can’t give an honest review of this book because I’m fascinated by the subject matter. This could be the best book ever, or the worst, and I would have still enjoyed the read. I’m also fascinated by people of faith. Knowing something you hope to be true but are unable to prove. That right there is enough to hook me in. So when I see the opening chapter detailing an American, Harley-riding priest working out of an ancient church in a remote Mexican town, well, I’m all in.

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  1. Dan, you’re (pleasantly) killing me with all your (great) book recommendations! My stack of books to read next was already obscenely high (we could serve Thanksgiving dinner on my stacks of yet to read books!), but keep your reviews coming! You’re a book lover’s inspiration!

    1. John,
      Just wait. A few more on the way. And a to-read list a mile long. Rumor of War is a classic. He was a soldier in Vietnam. It goes up with books like Dispatches.

  2. Interesting, I just started his book “The Longest Road”, about his 2010 trek from Key West to Alaska, looking for what, if anything, still holds the country together. I suspect it to be predictive of where we are now.

  3. So I ordered Delcorso’s Gallery from my local library. They called me today to tell me that their last copy is…missing. I went on Amazon to order it and it’s out of stock. This has now become a quest.

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