Read: Snow Crash

Yep, legendary book. And I’m probably the last one to find it. I don’t like science fiction. Never found the genre that interesting. But then again, I like this book. I really like it. And others, now that I think about it. Cyberpunk, whatever you might want to label this book. It works. Strange, exotic, hypnotic and a glimpse into one possible future. Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” is a book about the future. With the death ray my body produces I’m sure to be the guy that f^%$# up the future. Good, bad, hyper-real and electric. If you like this kind of thing, get it and read it.

4 Comments on “Read: Snow Crash”

  1. I used to love sci fi. I stopped reading it because it felt too much like I was reading a documentary of the present day.

  2. Yeh at some point Gibson stopped writing about the future because he said it was too much like the present. I think “Spook Country” was his first set in present day.

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