Read: Never Surrender

Loved this book. A novel about Churchill. I just remembered something. I went to Winston Churchill High School and I managed to survive all four years and not learn a single thing about the man. Yeah! Public school! But hey, look at how brilliant I am now…..ahem.

Churchill was a fascinating dude. Not without his many warts but also a key figure in world events. Micheal Dobb’s “Never Surrender,” is a peach of a book that stays close to world history and events but through a fictional moment, with fictional characters, that work to portray an interesting take on what could have been.

This was a fast read I truly enjoyed. It reminded me I don’t know s^%$ about Churchill, but I should. Get it, read it.

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  1. If you’re looking for a long but fascinating read on Churchill, try William Manchester’s three volume biography “The Last Lion”. Well worth the time.

  2. LOL I too attended Winston Churchill HS, just not the same one you attended. Our lives Dan are a weird parallel universe alternative realities.

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