Read: Finding Beauty in a Broken World


This book haunted me right from the beginning. A part of me didn’t want to read this book, and I’m not sure why? Perhaps I was feeling fragile and KNEW what I was in for, but this book turned out to be filled with surprises, not only in the content but also in how it was presented. Ever read a book about Italian mosaics, prairie dogs and Rwanda? I didn’t think so. Neither had I. Terry Tempest Williams not only has an amazing name, she is a writer that oozes the overwhelming power of subtlety that we all have learned to ignore or pass right by. Finding Beauty in a Broken World is a reminder to slow down and contemplate, listen. At one point in the book Williams is spending two weeks studying prairie dogs, sunrise to sunset, and every journal entry is there for us to read, probably fifty pages. “Do I really want to read all this,” I thought. And then she describes talking to family members about being away for two weeks studying the dogs, and her family members ask “Aren’t you ready to get back to the real world?” This really hit me. As if studying these animals, and their world, isn’t as real as ours, or connected in the same way. And this people is where the real rub is. We are disconnected more and more with each upgrade to the iPhone, and we are moving further and further away from the power supply. A beautiful book.

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  1. While on the road this past weekend, finally got the chance to listen to all 7 CD’s of Bill McKibben’s book “EAARTH” – needless to say, my whole world was shaken yet again and like you, realized just how pointless most of our technology truly is. A definite must read/listen –

    VeloMicroadventures is slowly coming to a rolling simmer. You going to make it up my way at some point? I’m beginning to plan the first S24O of the season 😉

    1. Man, that series sounds great. I gotta get that. I’m hoping to get on my bike a lot this summer but not sure what my schedule is going to allow…

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