Read: Cold Hard Truth

In keeping with the idea that a website is comprised of an ever increasing number of posts. I have the fear people. I have the fear I’m about to make a right turn in life. I can’t see around the corner but I’m going to do it anyway. This site may or may not survive the change. Stay tuned.


“Devil Car” VW diesel, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 12 degrees.

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  1. I hope that it does survive the right turn. You’ve got a lot of great content here already and I bet there are people that would love to follow the new journey you are about to embark upon. I’ll stay tuned.

  2. Hey Daniel! I once was a happy attendee of your Photo Plus seminar in NYC, then got addicted to your writing style at Smogranch and followed you here on Shifter.Media. Don’t know what “right turn in life” means in your case but I will certainly stay tuned, with hope that you’ll continue the great thing you do for us “analog” people here. So, fingers crossed and all the best to you! Warm regards from snowy Moscow (Russia)!

    1. Alex,
      Had dinner with an old friend last night. He talked me out of shutting down my site. Made me realize there is a way to transition what I’m doing. Stay tuned. And thanks for playing along. Good to know you find something of value. MOSCOW!!! I gotta go there.

  3. And, yes, Moscow and St.Petersburg: both big, beautiful, with lots of character (if you ever need advice/assistance here, I’ll be happy to help!)

  4. Happy it’s going to survive. Shifter is one of the only blogs I still subscribe to.

    But I know what you mean (if that’s what you mean) – blogs and the Internet are becoming less relevant the older we all get (not old yet).

    1. Sean,
      I actually think blogs are MORE relevant because you an actually get depth. Most peeps don’t seem to want depth, which I get, but I’m glad there are a few still out there.

  5. Daniel, I check Shifter every day for both your photography and writing. Hope you stick around: I’m looking forward to a few reports from south of the border.


  6. You have to inhale. You have to write. Maybe sharing what you write is also a ‘must’ not a ‘want’.

  7. I stuck something in the post yesterday and read this today. The order those two things happened is important. One did not influence the other and glad it didn’t.

    Something that has happened often, and can sometimes be infuriating, is that you will post something that I was thinking or pondering. The infuriating part was that I didn’t trust my own thoughts enough initially. Getting better at that now and will continue working on it.

    What your writing has done is offered a less subscribed too set of thoughts that some of us agree with. We may be fewer in number but that makes us nonetheless relevant than the audience the larger sites and blogs need to attract when ads and sponsorship are the energy behind the drive.

    Enjoying less than the best of health recently I have had time to think and a lot of that has been spent wondering about why people share. In most part, that is to help me understand what I do next and why I do it. I don’t know why you share your thoughts. I am just glad that you do.

    I for one hope you continue to post. It doesn’t have to be everyday but just when you feel you have something to say or share. That would be enough for me at least. But if you take that other turn and we don’t hear from you again, good luck to you.

    And thank you. Something we probably forget to say often enough.

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