London Journal Eight


Yes I’m back at home for 1.5 days and I am already making prints. But remember, I have my setup ready to go at anytime. One journal book closes and another opens up. Postcards here. There is a telling aspect to these. Detachment. These are not photos of someone in tune with their surroundings. There’s even a selfie, something I loath, but that one goes to mom. She likes to see how her child is rapidly aging in the modern world. I used to aim my lens at people, but that takes a certain, specific energy I am now required to use in other ways, namely being in public for my job. My energy to engage with other humans is used up in my position, so when it comes to walking the streets I now focus on forms, shadows and structure. Believe me, this isn’t easy. I know what I’m capable of, but also know what is required to attain that level. You hear talk of balance in life, and perhaps that is what I’m referring to now. I still love these prints, summarizing a trip in five minutes of editing, making print choices and then executing the plan. Concise. Precise. Closer.

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  1. Doodle-Man is my favorite for sure, just because is so interesting to look at.
    I’ve got the instax mini printer (SP-1) and I do “prints” of whatever I especially like at the end of the week. Prints are very small but is fast and very cool to see how you summarize your week at the end in one, two, three photos.

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