Dispatches: Nick Tauro Jr.

I met Nick Tauro Jr. online a few years ago, but we didn’t meet in person until recently when I gave a presentation for Blurb and ASMP at the University of New Mexico in the ABQ. We met online because of photography, but also because of BOOKS. Nick prints his work, and does so in original and inspiring ways. I also think Nick is interesting because he has a day job, which is something we both promise to never talk about.(Although this is not entirely true.) I like this aspect of his life because it applies to many of us, and comes with a distinct upside in my opinion. I recently posted about one of Nick’s fabulous creations, so have a look and listen at his work, site, books and insight. He’s founded Latent Image Collective, smoked cigs with Werner Herzog and has much to add to the conversation.

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9 Comments on “Dispatches: Nick Tauro Jr.”

  1. It was a long interview, and I’m glad of this. I listened to it in segments and plan to listen again but the mention of The Gatekeepers was particularly interesting. It would be very interesting to see a video of a picture editor at work.

    Thank you, Daniel; thank you, Nick.

  2. Ok Dan you do a fine fine interview. You did such a good job on this one I felt compelled to order Mike’s zine. I just HAD to see what this feller’s been up to. He takes pictures like I do. I just work in color and with a cell phone 😉 Hey the camera ya have.

    1. Jim,
      His work and zines are worth a look. Technique doesn’t matter. Whatever you have is all you need. He’s always got new things coming.

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