Dispatches: Gabe Eggerling


I knew Gabe Eggerling as a baby. I made my first photographs of Gabe when he was just two. He’s all grown up now at a whopping eleven, but he isn’t your “normal” eleven-year-old. He acts, has his own non-profit and is even a TEDx speaker. We sat down to catch up and talk about what makes his world go round. This kid is a “stem winder.” Won’t be the last you see or hear from him. And oh ya, I have a folder full of his art on my computer, so I can see a book in his near future.

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  1. Great interview with a great kid. What a breathe of fresh air for the younger generation (says an old guy).

    Best of luck in your endevors Gabe!

    1. Agreed. Books are so good. About 1 in ten movies lives up to the hype. Worth it when it happens.

  2. What a great little guy! I was in love with books when I was his age (I still am) and he made me smile when he said there is a whole movie playing in his head when he is reading a book; I still remember books by the images I projected while reading them. I had not much access to the information at that time (long time ago in a communist country in Eastern Europe) but I was lucky to have a mom who loved buying and reading books, so I always had plenty of options. I’ll check out his non profit, maybe there is a way I could help. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Claudia,
      Thank you for commenting. Gabe isn’t a normal kid. My mother used to make handmade books. There was one in particular, which I think she first made for my brother, but it was hand drawn and focused on a race car. She would read it to me at night. Reading is a HUGE part of my life. I finished one book this morning and have started another. Everyday, anytime I get a chance, I read. It’s a free education.

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