Creative: Wim Jansen Prints

How great is this? If I was a working photographer I would be sending this kind of thing out ALL THE TIME. We have Wim Jansen to thank for this beauty. A card, a note and a batch of beautifully printed images. Looks and feels very professional although Wim sent this out of the kindness of his heart and because he knows I’m a junky for this stuff. This is such a nice package, and SO MUCH BETTER THAN SOME ONLINE IMAGE POST. Good grief. If I was hiring photographers this kind of thing would rocket you to the top of my list. Craft, skill, thought and meaning. All the things mostly absent in the online world. Thanks Wim. A beautiful creation. Keep sending.

6 Comments on “Creative: Wim Jansen Prints”

  1. This is awesome. That first print is wild, I love it. In a future that looks bleak and automated, the personal touch will increasingly separate those who succeed from those who don’t (in my opinion).

  2. Instagram, Twitter etc. doesn’t bring me any great joy. Sending prints out to people like you, who inspire me and appreciate the work are my main goal & satisfaction. Reading your words, trust me I never expected them, mean so much for me! They gives me motivation and let me believe in my work! Daniel thank you again and believe me I will sending more in the future! Haha…! See you on the road!

    1. Wim,
      This package is wonderful. Looks as good as anything needs to look. Just keep doing what you are doing.

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