Creative: Vlog Test 0002

I know, too long. But I’m TESTING. Damn you short attention span humans. I’m awesome. When are you going to realize this? I have to say, I’m loving the IDEA of filmmaking. I never wanted to learn this stuff, but with a specific purpose behind me, I’m going to be SCARY.

I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve not yet caught up with those ideas in terms of technical proficiency, but I will. Someday. Were this on a mainstream blog the section with me speaking with have those annoying cuts and jerks and twists and stutters, again and again, and again, every time I changed the topic. But I just can’t do that. I think we are going to look back on those films and think “Yep, that’s what everyone did in 2018.” So I’m going uncut, boring and monotonous. Worked for my primary education teachers. Works for me now.(Until I learn how to do all those jerks and twists and cuts and shifts and then I will disavow everything I said above.)

All this stuff takes copious amounts of time and thought, which I’m okay with. I’m not going to Vlog every day. Just when I can. And my real purpose is to feature OTHER people and OTHER stories. But those will take even more time, and I can’t imagine having that kind of time. I will pretend. For now, Vlog test number two, in the books.

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  1. i’m not usually one to copy/paste comments from one site to another but, seriously, dude… i’m in stitches. the goggles. you and your planes. nicely done. i think the world momentarily stopped spinning.

    glad you’re enjoying this. been feeling the same way about video. looking forward to where you go with this.

    ‘road to seeing’ is one of my favorite photo books. slowly collecting his other work as well. the two aperture books are heavy reading. dense.

    1. Sean,
      It’s been fun and should only get better. A lot to learn but a new way of saying something. I have plans.

  2. I liked the pacing of the piece, and your personality comes through well on air.

    The monochrome is wonderful, well done, I can see how it fits in with your Leica film work.

  3. The tests are looking really great and I agree with others that the monochrome look suits the the VLog well. I shall look forward to seeing the first official VLog!

    Nice to see the small ref. to your “On Approach” book at the end with the plane!

    1. AM,
      No, but it sounds like required reading. I am one man band. I just attached my GoPro to my bike helmet. Yes, that just happened. The end is near.

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