Creative: Vlog 0003

Yes, I’ve taken “test” out of the title, but make no mistake, I’m still feeling my way around. My life has taken on a new level of chaos at the moment. Personal, family-related issues, which I’ll spare you as well as a bevy of new Blurb duties. Two publishing projects-both complicated and demanding- one photo project and many smaller builds, tweaks, and contributions to the overall cause. Apparently, life never gets any easier. That damn brochure was a lie.

But here we are with another little Vlog action. Have a look at my world.

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  1. No, he doesn’t suck but he must be cursed. If I broke that many devices, I’d be living in a cave in the mountains. Wait. You already have somewhat of a cave in the mountains and you’re still breaking stuff. Hmm. That doesn’t seem to bode well.

    The opening reminded me a little of Tim Hetherington’s ‘Diary’. Highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.

    I have a project idea to run by you but I’m curious. The Blurb mags, is there a minimum page count?

    1. Sean,
      I love his diary. I saw that in NYC at Aperture years ago, I THINK it was shortly after he was killed. I dug that guy. Never met him but respect his work. His book on Africa, Long Story Told Bit by Bit is a STELLAR book. As for mags. Yes. Minimum is 20-pages. MagCloud has other objects with smaller page counts. I think 8-page is minimum with Digest for example.

  2. Nice intro audio!

    Glenn Gould, the pianist, invented that style. Apart from being one of the premier interpreters of Bach on the piano, he was a radio producer in Canada. For He has too many hours of audio to fit into the time he had on the radio, so he hit upon the idea of a sort of fugue structure, with multiple spoken word tracks playing simultaneously, fading in and out, overlapping, to produce a whole experience. Partly because it’s genius, and partly just to fit in all this damned audio he had.

    Even the first minute or two will give you the sense of it.

    1. AM,
      Good audio is so key to anything motion. I have all kinds of weird stuff I’ve recorded over the years. I should investigate. This particular piece was from the Free Music Archive. I made a donation and use their attribution listings.

    1. AM,
      No, I don’t think you mentioned it. So what you are saying is you like it? Like maybe it’s your spirit animal?

      1. Yes. I love it. But it is not my spirit animal.

        I am its spirit animal. I am the worst possible guide through the spirit world, or any world, but unfortunately for b&w video, you get what you get in a spirit animal, and you’re stuck with it.

  3. Beware #1, I’m writing this on my dwarf iP SE so I can’t read what I’m typing.
    Beware #2, you could be the funiest and most original vlogger on the planet if you go on like this.
    Beware #3, we are living plugged in, selling battery life to people is a full illusion, it doesn’t exist this life, wait I need to plug in…

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