Creative: Victoria, BC Book Talk, Seattle Book Workshop

Hey Kids,

Soon to be hitting the road. Heading first to The Great White North where I will kill darts and 2-4’s eh, while managing to work in a two-hour book talk at this location in Victoria on October 25th. This is a simple talk, not a workshop, but this is also a discussion, and you are more than welcome to bring your books, your book ideas or just yourself. These talks often devolve into a group discussion, which I really love. I plan to ferry up and float plane back, just to add to the adventure. And yes, I’m going to Vlog the living s^%$ out of this trip.

Next up, Seattle. I’m co-teaching a book class with Michelle Dunn Marsh of PCNW. Two days, intensive, hands on. This class is based on the workshop that Michelle and I teach at The Palm Springs Photo Festival. Not only is it fun but it also includes scissors, glue, tape, printed images and lots and lots of collective inspiration. There will be lectures, discussions, lots of activity and even a slow critique at the end.

If you find yourself in these parts, by all means. Sign up, tape up and get your book on.

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  1. You will be passing about 100 yards from my house as you go through Bellingham on I-5. I have coffee and a bathroom if you want to make a pit stop.

    Or, whatever. I can make as much time available as you have to spare, but I suspect you’re on a tight schedule.

    1. Hey, I’m not driving but will ferry up and float plane back. I’ll be in Seattle the 26th through the 29th. Am teaching two day, but would love to connect.

  2. I am debating signing up for the class, actually. There are logistics in play, and also I have like 3 half-formed bodies of work as opposed to one singular one, but I think if the logistics pan out the work will follow.

    1. AM,
      Would be great to have you. Even attempting to bake three ideas into one could be a good experiment.

  3. So looking forward to another episode of all-dan…..thanks for making space for a lil airtime!!!! 🙂 Excited to have you at PCNW and to bring our brilliance to the crowd in SEA. Super proud of the hands-off and hands-on book design exhibition, I think you will see a few inspirational books.

    1. M,
      Just came from NY Art Book Fair which was total overload. Some truly amazing works. The good thing about traveling to something like this is that you can’t carry or buy too much.

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