Creative: The Theatre

Hey folks, testing a new form of delivery here. Let me know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Confused? Jealous of my tech mastery?

Hadn’t seen Eric in a while. The last time was Vegas on bikes. Heat, wind, gel shots. I’m guessing it had been fifteen years since we had wandered and made photographs. Tijuana, the old days. Numero Siete. The Zone. Dust and odor. Border Patrol, Federales, Conejos. And then making sense of it all in the underground darkroom. More dust, fixer, prints tacked to the wall, prints drying in the rear window of my car as I hit 100mph on the way home. Stupid, so stupid, but there was something about this little folly, something of great importance, at least to the players involved. A search for something maybe. Or potentially just a distraction.

21 Comments on “Creative: The Theatre”

  1. I like it too, it would be great to use with a long interview, showing photographs of places and people being talked about and yes, I am jealous of your tech mastery.

  2. Love it Dan!!! A little bit of a beatnik I must say, but what the heck! I live in SF after all, lol.

    I see that now your Shifter has all the videos that you Smogranch had, I assume that you just change the name of the account. Doesn’t matter, just promise me you’ll never delete those vids. I love all of them and i keep coming back every so often looking for inspiration.

    Jealous of your tech mastery, yes. but even more jealous of your creative mind. love all these new surprises you come out with. Keep em’ coming!

    1. EB,
      Beatnik works for me, but only via the blog. I’m too normal to be a real beatnik. But thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Love it! Jealous of the creativity you continue to show. Keep it up and you’ll certainly become famous… Just don’t forget your friends in the process.

  4. Love it and jealous of your tech mastery. More please, but don’t stop the written word. In today’s world of always connected electrons, it’s refreshing to have an oasis for the mind. A place to pause all the noise, read and ponder life as seen through your view of it.

  5. Creative: The Theatre…encore, encore! 🙂

    A great start to a new series and I really love to hear all the background stories and tales. Keep up the great work.

    There is so much noise out there on the web but this website is pure signal and on my wavelength and is certainly my #1 place to look through for inspiration

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