Creative: The Leica File 28


Yes, I just posted this on my Instagram feed. It got a few likes so I thought I’d give you the backstory. This project was one of the most enjoyable things I ever worked on. I think about Sicily all the time. I love the place and the people. This type of story is PERFECT for the Leica. It’s what this camera was built for. Carrying your gear for LONG periods of time, day after day after day. Trying to be quiet and unobtrusive. Working in all kinds of weather. This period in my life was very different from today. I had fewer distractions. No computer, phone, etc. Working felt like pure work. A connection would take place. After a week of being there it really felt like I was a part of the place, and each year that connection would happen sooner and would feel deeper. I didn’t have much money, or many belongings and my life was almost entirely focused on making photographs. This was never an assignment. Nor would I have accepted an assignment to do this work, but the story was eventually published several times and exhibited as well.

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  1. Dude…. thank you for posting this… you so nailed this!!! Glad to see you on Instagram… following you now 😉

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