Creative: Shifter Vlog 0005

“You know, you could edit that,” my wife said to me. “Ya, I could,” I replied.(The glitch in the voiceover, the motorcycle rumbling.) But before we go any further let me explain some things. I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for here, but what I’m NOT looking for is perfection, or routine, or consistency or following or traffic. What am I looking for? Knowledge. Filmmaking knowledge. I’m using you as a guinea pig of sorts, which I hope you are okay with. Earlier today I saw a story about YouTube stars who are depressed, freaked out, stressed and living miserable little lives. Do I feel sorry for these people? No. Because once you make a deal with the devil, just like the blues guitar player at the crossroads, you are gonna get your head cut. If you go into something like this with stars in your eyes you are destined to implode. Life, and certainly the Internet, is far, far, far too fickle to let you win so easily. Me, I don’t even want to play the game. Just want to learn. I want to translate and I want to tell short stories.

I’m currently collecting things. Little looks here and there, little sounds here and there. And then I’m cutting it all into a giant puzzle piece. This is something I’ve already learned. Cast a wide net. Then the real work begins. The edit, which I HATED until five Vlogs ago, is now my favorite part of the equation. I dream about editing. I daydream about editing. I think about unrelated objects, pointy and jagged and then suddenly I find a way to make them fit.

Damnit this is fun.

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  1. Ooh…the start, so much like having a good book in the hands. I loved the transition, fragment of an overheard rant. Then the beach visuals and sounds, wonderful. Then horrible, horrible jarring music, feeling cheated, this wasn’t what I’d believed would be coming. I stopped watching until I realized I could just turn the sound way down, then continued. Point about creatives well said. Then the surprise – you’re coming to Victoria? Would love to know more -it would be great to connect.

  2. Dan, you mentioned being in Victoria at some point for Blurb. Do you know the schedule for upcoming events and can you share? thanks in advance.


  3. For those asking about Victoria, I’ll be posting an Eventbrite link soon for Dan’s Victoria stop on October 25th, and I’ll add the link in a new comment here tomorrow. Q.

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