Creative: Random New Mexico

Covered in mud at Ojo Caliente.

Fire season.
You know I used to be a photographer. Yes, it’s true. I still make pictures now and then but rarely as a serious endeavor. Not that I don’t still have the spark but I simply don’t have the time to do what I need to do to make in-depth imagery. My priorities changed more than anything else. If I didn’t have to work I’d be doing stories, a lot. But work, doing two things now, is so complex and encompassing it’s difficult to look at the calendar and find any great window to exploit. Plus, I’ve got a list of things above photography in terms of importance. Yoga, hike, bike, climb, fish, explore, write, guitar, etc.(Build out new Tacoma….) I’m in New Mexico these days, and what you see here is a random sample of my life, and a random sample of how I use photography now. For the most part photography is just evidence, journal fodder with the occasional portrait as actual assignment. Have a look.

More Ojo mud.

Chamisa Trail near Santa Fe.

From the summit of Baldy

Storm over Arroyo Hondo

My friend the beetle.

7 Comments on “Creative: Random New Mexico”

  1. Ok
    1. If you still take pictures you are still a photographer.
    2. You do “Yoga, hike, bike, climb, fish, explore, write, guitar, etc.” Wow life balance what a concept!
    3. The top picture…I can’t stop remembering the Calvin Klein underwear ad from back in the day 😉
    4. Like yer pichers.

    1. Jim,
      I love underwear ads about as much as mens perfume ads. At least the underwear serve a purpose. Life balance….maybe I’m getting there but it sure feels hectic to me. No complaints. A lot of good stuff going on.

    1. Nick,
      That light is insane. This morning it was smoke sky over the Jemez. Yesterday it was that “Sicario” hot light flying in to ABQ. We need rain, so I’m hoping tonight will be thunderheads.

  2. Dan I wasn’t trying to be snarky about my comment before. I think Weber was the photographer for those ads and they towered 40 feet tall over Times Square for like a decade. The model looked like a Greek sculpture in the same hard high noon type light. Weber knew what he was doing.

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