Creative: PSPF Day One

This isn’t a normal life, nor is the speed in which the festival sucks you in. Home to car to highway to parking lot to hotel to festival to warp speed. Minutes, seconds. Friends. Scenarios. Deals. Partnerships. Collaborations. Potential. So much potential. “You work for Blurb?” “I LOVE Blurb.” A nice intro to this year’s event. For the third time in a week I enter a room where one of my images hangs. I had forgotten about this one as well. There is always a haunting feeling of missing out here because there is so much going on. So much work to see. I tour the gear and vendor lounge. Fuji, Canon mostly. Check out Atlas Packs. Two lectures last night. Henry Leutwyler. Sheila Metzner. And after the projections, the small gatherings. Fire and smoke.

8 Comments on “Creative: PSPF Day One”

    1. Mark,
      Fuji room filled with goodies. Oddly enough they are capitalists too, so we all have to fall in line and actually pay for the stuff. Damnit.

  1. I read about this festival last year I believe here. It seemed like a great place to go then and seems like a great place to go now … maybe next year …
    If you go back to the Fuji stand to get some Star Wars pack for FBJ, tell the Fuji people that some of us is waiting for a printer for Instax Wide, maybe they listen at you (sorry I’m desperate, lol).
    M10 and Noctilux … I thought that it was a photo festival not a plastic surgeon’s convention.

    1. EB,
      Leica has always been a great sponsor here, so they deserve cred for buying. Same for Canon, Fuji, Sony, Pentax, etc. Without festival. Fuji is innovating. Constantly. They all are for that matter. The gear options today are incredible.

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