Creative: Photography Advice, Ignore Me

Thinking about joining the artillery club. Notice the Blurb blue Chucks people. Going the extra mile for all of you.

At some point you have to ignore everyone, including me, if you want to put your work into the world. Creating and sharing what you are doing based on your audience can be a dangerous game that might leave you empty handed in the long run. A modern audience, especially one based on something like social media, can be a fickle thing. What matters is understanding who you are, what you want to accomplish and how can you set yourself up to make the best work you can possibly make.

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  1. Looks like the front of the Santa Ana courthouse. Shot a few wedding parties there. I have an image of a groom in a kilt riding one of those guns. That doesn’t compare to your blue chucks though.

    I don’t think you should’ve titled this ‘Ignore me’. ‘Ignore ‘ might have been more appropriate. You’re advice is excellent as always. More people should listen to you. The crap that I see posted makes me cringe. There’s a gap to jump though and people are jumping and plummeting all the time. Very few make it across.

    1. Sean,
      You nailed it. Brewer had an exhibition….. I have lots of ideas, just not sure how many are solid.

          1. Art’s the man. Have always enjoyed his work. I remember him talking about mounting a giant camera gimbal in a boat so he could get steady shots. They used a similar setup to what they use for hanging off helicopters. 20 years ago, that was unheard of and I don’t know of anyone even doing that today.

            Was he there?

          2. Sean,
            Art is the man, for sure. And he can do way more than surf photography.

  2. Solid advice. I follow you because you are you. What you do is interesting to me. I am not you and never will be. I am posting less and less. Funny thing was that I used to take some photos just for the purpose of posting! What a waste of time.

    1. Alan,
      It’s a tricky thing, this silly old Internet. If you shoot with this in mind I don’t think your soul will survive. Thanks for reading, and glad you find something interesting here. Happy snapping.

  3. Oh Man, couldn’t agree more. I told myself YEARS ago ” Do your own work, don’t give a shit what the hacks are doing, keep your head down and keep buying Tri-x”. I actually said those very words. No, but seriously, It’s a lonely road, but a fulfilling road. A road I’ve stayed on for nearly 30 years. I recommend it to anyone who is stupid and Ballsy enough to as Cash would say “walk the line”

    do it!!!

    good talk!

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