Creative: Paper People

What’s better than a thirteen-year-old nephew? How about a paper version so that when he drives someone crazy you just fold him up and put him away. Works for me. Super Dynamite and Uncle Dan merge in Moss Beach. Suit: check. Cameras: check. Remote trigger: check. Pisco Sour: check. Paper version of Super Dynamite: check. I have to say, this cutout was endless fun because it scared so many people, including me. Left in strategic places, like outside of a bedroom door, or in the middle of the bathroom, this cutout terrorized an entire household. Someone would strategically place the beast then wait for unsuspecting family members to entire the room or transition area. The subsequent cursing would follow as yet another person, or even the same person, would be tricked into thinking it was an actual human lurking in suspicious places. Totally worth the price. Good for ages 2-102.

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    1. Hey Mark,
      Not sure where his mom got it done, but I know it was only about $60 if I remember correctly. I don’t think this was a huge file by any means. I always wear a suit because I’m really, really important. Or, when I’m attending bar mitzvahs.

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