Creative: Notes on Photography Test

In the middle of a wide range of tests. Looking at the future of Shifter. No idea where I’m going. Hands are NOT at ten and two. Radio is on. At least thirty miles an hour over the speed limit. Just the way the kids like it.

My series “Notes on Photography” has been fun, and I think it’s actually a much-needed series. So for that reason, I’m tweaking it. Turning this static series into a motion series. Look at how fancy I am. Tell me what you think? Have an image you want me to dissect? Well, by all means, send it. I am the destroyer. Kidding. Personally, I’m liking how this looks.

14 Comments on “Creative: Notes on Photography Test”

  1. Every time you mention the word “motion”, I reach for my Dramamine…..Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how to take a decent still picture, and now you want to start talking about film-making? I’m going back to drawing….with a pencil that has no eraser.

    1. Naps,
      I’m a genius. You should know that. I can shift from medium to medium with ease. Where will it end? With an Oscar, of course.

  2. Bravo! Great information (as always) in a very engaging format. Looking forward to seeing more. Are you serious about a submission?

  3. Keep it up. The fact you can describe what you like about your photo or what you were thinking, when you pressed the release, is worth hearing.

      1. Oh you’re about 179 degrees away from the norm, of course you’re going to attract weirdos who ask for stuff like longer posts. Things is, longer is not always better but in the case of your posts, it’s not the actual information which is gold, there’s a million posts out there on compositions. It the stories, the stories which accompany the information. That’s the key to growth and learning. And it turns out, you’re amazing at telling stories without tailoring it to meet everyone’s expectation and just plainly keeping it raw, as you see it.

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