Creative: Newport Journal


Couple of old friends in town yesterday. Some of you might recognize them. Just strolling at sunset so we could talk photography, equipment, books, equipment, photography, equipment, gear, but primarily we focused on keeping to the topic at hand. Equipment. Gear. We had at least eleven Fuji cameras blazing at all times. GIG after GIG of imagery was compiled. Nature was exhausted. We won. The second image is of the final light of day hitting the houses near Top-of-The-World in Laguna. I’m a genius.




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    1. Mick,
      The cameras are great. In a fluid world I would get an XT2 now if I could find one, but the reality is I have little time to shoot. So until I go make something new there isn’t any real reason to get something new. So for now, Leica and Blad and x100T. Should be more than enough.

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