Creative: Letter from MTN

One of the most creative people I know. Michael Napper. Always an inspiration, and someone who has really pushed me to try new things, keep writing letters and even buy a minidisc recorder at one point. Talk about a genius!

A letter arrived one fine day. Had to share some pieces with you. Always art as the base, but always coupled with witty, interesting copy and odds and ends of the ephemera of his life.

Write people. It will change your life, and comes with a far deeper connection than a text or email.

9 Comments on “Creative: Letter from MTN”

  1. Very cool. I love what he does and really enjoy seeing anything new that he works on.

    I took the advice you gave me about letters to heart and have been doing it on a regular basis over the past 6 months. Some people get it, some don’t but that isn’t the point I guess. For one person in particular, it has made a noticeable difference for the both of us. And that is reason enough to keep going.


  2. Ah, happy to see that the letter actually reached you, as I gave it to a mailman I came across on the street, rather than dropping it into a mailbox…He was really cranky, upbraidng me for not putting it in the mailbox down the street….and as he tucked it into his bag, I wondered if the bastard might trash it out of resentment….All’s well that ends well…this calls for another letter!

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