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Micheal Jarecki did it again. He made me eat my own words. I’ve been telling you all for the last five years that small books are often more impactful than large books. I’ve been telling you how the attention span of modern society is all but doomed. I’ve been telling you, blah, blah, blah. And it’s all true.(I lied I’ll never eat my words.) I LOVE this pub from Michael. Each time it arrives in its clear sleeve it stands out in the postal box and my heart beats a little quicker. This is a dose of his work. Not enough to overdose, but just enough to want more. Just Make Pictures is a true Zine. A blend of color, black and white, simple design, nice packaging and consistency. Not to mention he’s got photo goods in there. See Cartier Bresson-like moment. Have I mentioned how much I love items like this. Frankly, I think A LOT of photographers who are spending years of their lives attempting to make and sell books would be FAR better off making something like this. Affordable, updatable, time efficient, etc. Heck, pull an old propaganda trick and dump a stack of them out the door of a fixed with aircraft.(Preferably over a Latin American city like in Under Fire, the greatest movie ever made.) Do something different for s%$# sake. Good job Michael. Always look forward to receiving your work.

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  1. Yes! Love it! Simple, to the point, just make photos, print them and send it, pass it, sell it, whatever … just get them out there! Love this type of stuff, it gives me energy.

    By the way; yes, Under Fire, best movie ever. It impacted me when I was young to the point that when I was able to buy myself a camera I did it without knowing why. Fast forward many years, still love that movie, still taking photos, still dreaming of being Rusell Price, LMAO.

  2. Been dropping in here to read your words since the “Smogranch” days, Dan, and never fe!t the need to question your judgement before… But on the question of best movie ever made, you’ve clearly forgotten that “Salvador” knocked “Under Fire” into second place in 1986.

    1. Tony,
      It’s a toss up. Neck and neck. James Woods was awesome. “Okay, let’s face it, I’m a fu$%$#@ weasel.”

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