Creative: Immunity

I’m not immune to botanicals.

Look at the history of photography and you will see massive coverage of things like nudes and botanicals, etc. Sometimes you see the two merged together. I have no idea what possessed me to do these but here they are. Buried in the old archive. Never seen the light of day. There is something about photographing things outside of your comfort zone. These aren’t original, unique or even that interesting, but MAYBE I learned a little something along the way. Maybe. These are oddly toned as well. No idea what that is about.

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  1. Getting out of your comfort zone is always good. Not only in photography but in life. Here I am talking like if I am this kind of interesting person always stepping out of my comfort zone, searching for new sensations and experiences, when I really live in my comfort zone cozier than a hibernating bear in a warm cave with the stomach full of yummy food (well … that is a hell of a picture i just put in your minds).
    Anyway, sometimes you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone too much, just a bit, and that can start catching fire in your mind towards bigger steps. So kudos to be a “culo inquieto” (for those that speak/understand Spanish).

    1. EB,
      Botanicals are like flu. You know you are going to get it at some point. It’s intense, makes you feel strange then you come out of it on the other side.

  2. “but MAYBE I learned a little something along the way.”. I think of these exercises as practicing my photographic scales. Just as a musician practices his / her musical scales, gaining dexterity of movement and instinctive response as a result, so do we from such exercises. The more you practice the luckier you get, to paraphrase the variously attributed quote (Arnold Palmer, I think). Besides, studying nature is always rewarding.

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